ZWP Z-Wave Add On Auxiliary Switch for Three Way and Four Way Smart Lighting

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Get the latest in Smart Home Lighting Control with ZWP Switches. These are add-on (AUX) Switches and need to be used with a ZWP Dimmer or On/Off switch when installing a 3-Way, 4-way or more lighting circuit. When used in a 3-way you need 1 Master Dimmer or On/Off and one Auxiliary Switch. When used in a 4-way you need 1 Master Dimmer or On/Off and two Auxiliary Switches. When used in a Three-Way or Four-Way the Aux with will take the roll of the Master; If master is an on/off the aux will function as an on/off and same goes for a dimmer setup. These switches are loaded with all the latest features like Z-Wave Plus, Instant Status and multi tap scene control. Sporting a unique elegant design that will be sure to upgrade your current lighting setup! Will work with 99% of all Z-Wave hubs. Find List above in features. Install will be a direct retrofit from your current lighting switches. Neutral wire is required.

Model Number: ZWP-WA-100

Product Features

  • Z-Wave Plus Chip on Master Switches
  • Instant Status
  • Multi Tap Scene Control
  • Long Range Z-Wave on Master Switch
  • Over the Air Firmware Updates (OTA) on Master Switch


Product Specifications

  • Brand: ZWP
  • Model Number: ZWP-WA-100

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