Vera Control VistaCam 900 Indoor Full HD Wi-Fi Camera

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WIRELESS FULL HD INDOOR SECURITY CAMERA. WITH PUSH BUTTON PAIRING. The elegant VistaCam 900 delivers full HD video, even in total darkness. Wide field of view keeps an eye on your living room, pets, small business, or any other indoor location. Features easy one-button WPS Wi-Fi setup, motion detection for automated recording, and powerful IR night illumination. Versatile high-definition indoor camera easily joins your Vera system with one-touch WPS Wi-Fi pairing. Full-resolution 1080p HD video enables seeing fine details within the wide field of view. Watch live or recorded video anywhere using your phone, tablet or browser. Elegant and unobtrusive, looks great anywhere. Keep an eye (and ear) on your living room, your nursery, play area, a pet’s favorite spot, garage, small business, or anyplace else! Record video automatically when motion (or sound) is detected. Tilt-mount base makes it easy to adjust the camera’s view. Infrared (IR) night vision lets you see even in total darkness. Built-in Backup Memory (8 Gb) records video even when internet service goes out (and uploads automatically when service is restored).

Model Number: VistaCam 900

Product Features

  • Excellent full HD video (1080p) enables clearly seeing faces and other fine details
  • Wide 135-degree field of view captures an entire room at once
  • Records automatically when motion is detected
  • Built-in high sensitivity microphone hears baby, kids, pets or intruders
  • Built-in IR LEDs for Night Time Illumination

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Vera
  • Model Number: VistaCam 900

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