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The Ecolink Siren+Chime is a Z-Wave Plus enabled device designed to smoothly integrate into a Z-Wave Plus home automation network. This device will sound a siren or chime when told to do so by a controlling device. This easy to install Security siren can create 4 independent tones for different alerts. It can be plugged to any AC outlet and screwed into faceplate for solid installation.

Model Number: SC-ZWAVE5-ECO

Product Features

  • PLUG AND PLAY: Compatible with most Z-Wave Plus enabled Alarm Systems.
  • 105 dB SIREN: 4 distinct, adjustable volume, chime sounds.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The device is as simple to use as plugging in a wall outlet.
  • 120V ELECTRICAL OUTLET: Plugs into a standard 120V electrical outlet, leaving second outlet free.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Ecolink
  • Model Number: SC-ZWAVE5-ECO
  • Z-Wave Cert Number: ZC10-16085156

What's in the Box

  • Smart Siren
  • Manual

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