Smart Double Switch 7
Smart Double Switch 7
Smart Double Switch 7
Smart Double Switch 7


Smart Double Switch 7

Smart Double Switch 7 is an ON/OFF control device designed to independently control two separate loads.

The device is suited for being controlled by both remote and local switches.

It can be fully integrated into pre-existing systems and set up to associate configurable behaviours to a specific number of clicks, in full integration with the Z-Wave™ home automation ecosystem.

Main features:

  • There are two versions of device that allow the control by LINE or NEUTRAL signal based on the electrical system.
  • The device can be supplied by 230 AC or by 24 VDC Power Supply which allows a more flexible application
  • Very easy to install and works with both momentary and toggle switches
  • Equipped with a very precise power metering functionality, allows monitoring of the instantaneous power and accumulated energy for each channel.
  • Timer management: An independent timer for each channel can be set when switching On and/or Off. It is also possible to define which event will start the timer. For example: only the change on the output due to double clicks
  • The device supports Central Scene Notification. The events that trigger a Central Scene Notification Report can be customized through configuration.
  • Control by association: the device can control other devices like other relays or dimmers. For example: it can propagate the state of both outputs (ON/OFF) to the associated devices; control the associated devices based on the click events and output propagation defined by configuration parameters.
  • It has a unique feature, Offline Setup Mode, that allows to carry out a setup of a system even without the presence of the controller during the installation phase. For example: you can activate a timer, or you can setup the input type to toggle switch.

The configurations will not be lost when devices are added to the controller.


All WiDom devices are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Manufacturer suggested retail price

$ 75.87

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Product specification

Model number
In-Wall On/Off Switches
Z-Wave Plus, S2 Security, SmartStart, Acts as repeater
Israel, CEPT (Europe), Australia / New Zealand, UAE, India

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