Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch for 110V AC Units, Sump Pumps, Humidifiers

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Zooz Power Switch is the only Z-Wave Plug that lets you safely control and monitor heavy-duty 110V appliances from your Z-Wave smart home system. It accepts high inrush current (momentary load) so you can connect your refrigerator, humidifier or dehumidifier, AC unit, fan, sump pump, or a gas clothes dryer to Z-Wave. If your Z-Wave control support energy monitoring, the plug will also send power use reports live (W) and over time (kWh) of each connected device.

Model Number: ZEN15

Product Features

  • Local and Z-Wave wireless control of your favorite home appliances like microwaves and refrigerators
  • Energy monitoring in live mode or over time
  • Scene inclusion for custom automation events when included to a Z-Wave gateway controller
  • On/Off status recovery after power failure
  • LED indicator to display Z-Wave signal strength and power usage for the connected device
  • Added security with AES signal encryption (requires a security enabled gateway controller for full functionality)
  • Z-Wave Plus with improved 500 chip for faster and more reliable wireless communication
  • Built-in range extender

Product Specifications

  • Brand: ZOOZ
  • Model Number: ZEN15
  • Z-Wave Cert Number: ZC10-17075708

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