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The ASPIRE Z-Wave 5 Button Scene Controller serves as a flush mounted device for activating up to 5 scenes when used with a compatible Z-wave controller. The scene controller has 5 buttons with LEDs for turning individual scenes both on and off. Each individual scene can be brightened or dimmed by pressing and holding any active (on) scene’s corresponding button. All off button provides easy access for turning off all devices associated with scene keypad.

Model Number: RFWC5AW

Product Features

  • Neutral required for installation.
  • Fits standard-sized wall box.        
  • Activates scenes associated with Eaton's Z-Wave devices and other Z-Wave compliant devices.              
  • Provides individual scene Dim/Bright function by pressing and holding any active (On) scene’s button.
  • Stores up to 5 scenes for activation (On/Off).       
  • Blue LED provided on each button for scene status notification.
  • Patented indicator system alerts if scene keypad is not set up in the network.          
  • Compatible with Aspire screwless wallplates.
  • Neutral required: yes
  • Supported wattage: 15a
  • Supported voltage: 120v
  • May be used as a repeater or range extender

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Eaton
  • Model Number: RFWC5AW
  • Z-Wave Cert Number: ZC07-080009

What's in the Box

  • Z-Wave 5 button keypad
  • Pre-printed labels
  • Wire Nuts
  • Instruction sheet

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