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The ZW3k 3-Way Control Add-On Switch is designed to work with a Z-Wave wall switch (ZW15S) or Z-Wave dimmer switch (ZW500D) for multi-location control. Control one light or fan from two or more locations, such as the opposite ends of a staircase, hallway, or multi-entrance room. This wireless auxiliary smart switch is not Z-Wave enabled but it enables three way control to Z-Wave devices from multiple locations when connected with Enerwave Z-Wave switches and dimmers. This add-on switch works with all types of lighting (LED, CFL, incandescent, and halogen), fans, and other appliances. Three interchangeable face covers (white-attached, light almond, black) are included for easy color changes. Use this ZW3K 3-Way Auxiliary Switch as part of your home automation lighting control system to reduce energy consumption and provide more convenience to you and your family.

Model Number: ZW3k-NEW

Product Features

  • Enables 3-way and multi-location control to a Z-Wave light switch (such as ZW15SM-PLUS), Z-Wave dimmer switch (such as ZW500DM-PLUS), or Z-Wave fan control.
  • Works as an add-on switch for Z-Wave home automation light switches and dimmers, NOT a standalone switch. Requires Z-Wave home automation switches to work.
  • Performs the same functions of Z-Wave switch it is paired with. Pair with on/off light switches, dimmer switches, or fan controls.
  • Reduces energy consumption and provides more convenience to you and your family.
  • Two Extra Interchangeable covers - Black, Light Almond. UL-listed, 120VAC, 1800W, 1/2HP.
  • Required Wiring: Neutral, Traveler.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Enerwave
  • Model Number: ZW3k-NEW

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