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The HS-FLS100+ is a Z-Wave-connected outdoor motion (PIR) and light (LUX) sensor that's designed to work with standard floodlight fixtures. It will sends Z-Wave commands when motion is sensed and when motion has not been sensed for a period of time. It will also send LUX information via Z-Wave commends. In "Standard" mode, HS-FLS100+ will automatically turn on floodlights (directly) when motion is sensed and LUX level is low. In "Controller" mode, HS-FLS100+ will only turn on floodlights when a Z-Wave command is received from the controller. These different modes provide for a variety of uses. NOTE: HS-FLS100+ is NOT for use with integrated low voltage LED floodlight fixtures. It is designed for use with conventional floodlight fixtures that include 120 VAC compatible sensors.

Model Number: HS-FLS100+

Product Features

  • CONVENTIONAL FLOODLIGHT MODE: HS-FLS100+ can be used as a conventional motion-activated floodlight sensor to power floodlights when motion is sensed during dark hours. Controls are provided for manual adjustment of LUX sensitivity and floodlight ON times. WARNING - This sensor module is designed to replace CONVENTIONAL 120 VAC sensor modules. It is NOT COMPATIBLE with LOW VOLTAGE integrated LED fixtures.
  • SMART FLOODLIGHT MODE: When added to a smart home system, HS-FLS100+ will send Z-Wave commands to the smart hub or home controller when motion is sensed and when the LUX level changes. Likewise, the smart hub or home controller can send Z-Wave commands back to the HS-FLS100+ to turn floodlights ON and OFF. This added functionality provides a very high level of flexibility not typically available in conventional motion-activated floodlights.
  • SMART SENSOR MODE: HS-FLS100+ can be installed and used simply as an outdoor motion and LUX sensor. Floodlight functionality is not required. This provides some interesting security and smart home possibilities.
  • CONTROLS OTHER HOME LIGHTING: Can be used to turn on interior lights when it gets dark outside | More accurate than typical SUNSET calculations (requires smart home controller or hub).
  • COMPATIBLE WITH HOMESEER & SMARTTHINGS: Requires latest HomeSeer Z-Wave driver ("plug-in") or SmartThings device handler (available from HomeSeer website).

Product Specifications

  • Brand: HomeSeer
  • Model Number: HS-FLS100+
  • Z-Wave Cert Number: ZC10-18076186
This product requires a smart hub

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