Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Listener

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The Ring Smoke/CO Listener is a smart sound sensor for Ring Alarm. This sensor listens for the alarm sound of a smoke and/or CO detector. It does not sense smoke or CO directly. Instead, it adds smart functionality to your existing smoke or CO alarm (or smoke/CO combo). When your smoke or CO alarm begins to sound, the Smoke/CO Listener activates and Ring Alarm notifies you of the issue, wherever you are. If your system is professionally monitored, our monitoring center is also notified.

Model Number: 4SS1S80EN0

Product Features

  • Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Listener alerts you on your smart phone when your existing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors sound their alarms.
  • This device does not detect fire, smoke or carbon monoxide and is intended to work with UL listed smoke and CO detectors that are 10 years old or less.
  • Easy setup in minutes—without tools or professional installation. Requires Ring Alarm Security System (sold separately).
  • Manage Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Listener and other Ring products with the Ring app.
  • Battery life 3 years max. Batteries are replaceable.
  • Optional 24/7 professional monitoring is just $10/month. No contracts or cancellation fees.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Ring
  • Model Number: 4SS1S80EN0
  • Z-Wave Cert Number: ZC10-19016343
This product requires a smart hub

Compatible Smart Hubs