FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wave Water & Temperature Alarm w/ Buzzer

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The FortrezZ Z-Wave Water & Temperature Alarm is a wireless device providing you with peace of mind and the protection upon immediate water or temperature change detection. This smart alarm will go off when water is detected and when the temperature drops below or rises above the temperature you prefer. Place in areas where water damages are most common: leaking pipes, corroded water heaters, water storage tanks, fixtures in bathrooms, laundry rooms, refrigerator drip pans, etc.

Model Number: WWA01AAUSB

Product Features

  • Powered by two alkaline batteries 
  • Operating temperature: 14ºF to 158ºF
  • Reported temperature has a +/- 2ºF accuracy
  • Frequency Range: 908.4MHz (US)

Product Specifications

  • Brand: FortrezZ
  • Model Number: WWA01AAUSB
  • Z-Wave Cert Number: ZC08-11030007

What's in the Box

  • Sensor with Buzzer
  • (2) Batteries, AA
  • (4) Cover Screws


  • FortrezZ Water & Temperature Sensor Unboxing and Product Overview

    FortrezZ Water & Temperature Sensor Unboxing and Product Overview

This product requires a smart hub

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