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  • First, you need a Smart Hub

    At the heart of every smart home and every single one of our solutions there is a Smart Hub which is connecting all of your smart home products. Now, and in the future, when you want to add solutions or products to your smart home.

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  • Now you’ll need some Smart Sensors

    Smart Sensors are a key ingredient in making your house a true smart home. Whether you use sensors to ensure doors and windows are shut or use them to detect leaks in your house, Smart Sensors give you instant status report about what is happening.

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  • Now you’ll need some Smart Alarms/Sirens

    Protecting your home and your loved ones has become well...smarter. Use Smart Alarms thoughout the house to notify you if smoke is detected whether you are home or far away. Smart Sirens to add a new layer of security to your home.

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  • Now you’ll need some Smart Accessories

    Our range of accessory products provide more options for contorl and convenience. Sometimes a keyfob or a wall-mount solution is a preferred way to control a room, or perhpas its time to add voice control. Browse our selection and find what is right for you.

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