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Smart home products with Z-Wave inside work together, use just one app to connect and control your smart home from anywhere.

Z-Wave technology is simple: the more Z-Wave products you have in your smart home, the stronger your smart home network. Z-Wave, enables smart home products like locks, lights and thermostats to talk to each other. This creates the backbone of your smart home and enables you to use your smartphone or tablet to create one-touch scenes that help with daily activities like: saving energy, keeping your home secure, looking after your loved ones and being more comfortable.

From its inception more than a decade ago in Copenhagen, Denmark, Z-Wave has remained committed to providing the interoperability between products and across leading brands to provide consumers more choice, reliability and security than any other Smart Home technology on the market. Your investment is sound.

Z-Wave products are designed to work together even as new generations of products come to market. Whether you are away for business or on holiday, or just simply at work down the street, you have full home control and access with Z-Wave.

why Z-Wave is


to install and does not require any rewiring of your home’s current electrical.


The biggest brand names on the market use Z-Wave in their smart home products.


You can get started with a minimal investment and easily add more smart products.


There are already 100 million products in smart homes worldwide.


Having been on the market for over 10 years, Z-Wave has proven to be the top home automation solution on the market.

The smart home leader.

9 out of 10 leading security companies use Z-Wave.


Z-Wave technology uses the same encryption as online banking making it the safe choice for your smart home.

Provides choices.

With over 3300 smart home automation products on the market, Z-Wave products provide many choices to suit your needs - styles, price points, colors, functionality, etc.

How Z-Wave works.

Control your home via your PC, phone voice activation.
The Z-Wave hub provides wireless connectivity for all your smart home products. No Wi-Fi interference.

Z-Wave is based on a mesh network topology. This means each (non-battery) device installed in the network becomes a signal repeater. As a result, the more devices you have in your home, the stronger the network becomes. While Z-Wave signals easily travel through most walls, floors and ceilings, the devices can also intelligently route themselves around obstacles to attain seamless, robust, whole-home coverage.

While Z-Wave has a range of 100 meters or 328 feet in open air, building materials reduce that range, it is recommended to have a Z-Wave device roughly every 30 feet, or closer for maximum efficiency. The Z-Wave signal can hop roughly 600 feet, and Z-Wave networks can be linked together for even larger deployments. Each Z-Wave network can support up to 232 Z-Wave devices allowing you the flexibility to add as many devices as you’d like to make sure your Smart Home is working it’s hardest.

Z-Wave offers

  • Extremely simple setup
  • Plug & Play
  • Wireless Mesh Network
  • Every non-battery node is a repeater
  • Extremely robust
  • Ultra-low power
  • Ideal for battery powered sensors
  • Sub – 1GHz Frequency
  • Multi speed: 40…100 kbps
  • Low communication latency
  • Interoperable
  • Largest Home Control Community

The Z-Wave


Noisy static larger bandwidth


no remote access – point to point


Interoperability, quiet frequency

Where Z-Wave works

Where Z-Wave works
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