Explore the benefits of a what you can do with a smart home in each room within the home.

The truth is, incorporating smart home tech into your house can be a challenging - even daunting- task. It's easy to get intimidated by the setup process; so many brands, various protocols, random products, and the thought of having to use several different apps to control your smart home.


Z-Wave products have been meticulously and intricately designed with these concerns in mind to provide the most convenient and stress-free smart home system on the market. The magic of smart home products with Z-Wave lies in the fact that every product is connected through a mesh network, allowing different devices, regardless of brand, to connect and communicate through one platform. Signals seamlessly travel through walls, floors, and ceilings and even route themselves around obstacles to provide a robust, thorough home coverage system. Here are some ways you can use any of Z-Wave's 3,000+ products throughout your home: 


The Bedroom

Feel extra luxurious every morning by waking up to your favorite music everyday, the lights turning on at a slight dim so you can adjust to the morning, and the thermostat has adjusted to your preference, making you comfortable and the morning tasks less daunting. 

Products: Smart Lighting, Smart Thermostat, Smart Speaker


Living Area

Couch potato doesn’t have to be so negative – who wants to get up to turn lights on or off when they are cozy on the couch? Smart switches allow you to adjust the lights directly from your phone, or even via voice control if you so desire. Smart Doorbells with video allow you to see whose at the door without leaving those cushions. If you are advanced with your DIY skills, you can even automate your curtains, blinds, and TV.

Products: Smart Lighting, Smart Doorbells, Logitech Harmony Hub Extender


The Kitchen

The kitchen, the food hub of the house. Family members are in and out of the kitchen all day and night, and goodness do they leave the lights on. By installing smart motion sensors and smart light switches in the kitchen, you can actually set them up to communicate with each other – motion is detected, lights turn on. You can even decide if there is no motion for a minute or two, to have the lights automatically shut off. In addition, Have the sink and other appliances programmed to prioritize saving energy and have sensors set to find any leaks before anything dangerous can happen.

Products: Smart Lighting, Smart Sensors, Smart Energy Management


The Entryway

Smart locks and smart doorbells are all the rage right now, and with good reason. Smart locks come with a minimum of 30 individual codes that you can assign to family, friends, maintenance workers, dog walkers, etc. You can receive notifications when each code is used, letting you know who is in and out of the house. When a smart lock is combined with a smart camera doorbell, you can clearly see who is arriving, leaving, and when packages arrive.

Products: Smart Locks, Smart Camera Doorbells


The Bathroom

Placing smart leak sensors are under all of your cabinets to alert you if any water leaks are detected. This could save you a fortune on remodel costs and insurance claims.

Products: Smart Water Management


The more Z-Wave products you have within your home, the more signals are repeated, resulting in a much stronger smart home network. What this means for you in addition to a more reliable system is that you can control all your Z-Wave products from just one app, making the process completely hassle free and far more efficient.